TwitBin 2.7.1

Use Twitter straight from Firefox


  • Listing view choices
  • Auto login
  • Auto refresh
  • Type your twits


  • Can't star items
  • Looks crowded
  • Can be slow

Twitter addicts have found the perfect browser companion in Twitbin. This Firefox extension lets you read and post items from a Firefox sidebar. You can view public or friend listings or choose only to choose D or @ messages. It's very easy to type your updates and Twitbin shows the character count as you type. Auto login avoids you having to reenter your password all the time and you can also set the extension to automatically refresh at specific intervals. Twitbin also features a refresh button you can use anytime.

We were a bit disappointed that Twitbin does not allow you to star or trash items. The side bar can also feel pretty crowded and it's a bit annoying how Twitbin limits the number of updates you can browse. We also found the application slow at times, particularly when logging in and fetching updates.

Still, Twitbin is the perfect way to catch up on updates without opening up the Twitter page in your browser.

TwitBin is an extension for Firefox that brings the power of Twitter right in your browser. It's displayed as a sidebar that allows you to quickly and easily send and receive messages via twitter in your Firefox browser.

TwitBin is very easy to use: install the extension and bring it onto the Firefox window by either clicking on the TwitBin button in the top toolbar or activating it via the View - Sidebar - TwitBin menu. Then logon to your Twitter account and just start sending your messages whenever you feel like it.

The TwitBin sidebar also allows you to see all the messages published by other twitterholics (like in the Twitter homepage).



TwitBin 2.7.1

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